Thoughts for Young Men, J.C. Ryle 3.2

As we resume Thoughts for Young Men, we continue following Ryle’s third section which holds General Counsels to Young Men.

Here we are told to seek to become acquainted with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Saying this is the corner-stone of Christianity, we understand Ryle is about to drill deep into the importance of a careful and thoughtful contemplation on one’s relationship to Christ. Religion without Christ is hopeless.

Ryle pleads with his hearers to “go to Christ”. Ryle then lists reasons why. Jesus is our friend. He has made atonement for our sin. He is our strength. He gifts us with the Holy Ghost to dwell in us and seal us. He cleanses us. He comforts us. He knows our temptations

Ryle concludes with, “Hear the request I make of you this day, - if you love life, seek to become acquainted with Jesus Christ.”

Do we know Christ? Not, do we merely know of Christ - do we know Christ? Do our children know Christ? May we consider thoughtfully what it means to become acquainted with Jesus Christ.

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