Thoughts for Young Men, J.C. Ryle 3.1

In this installment of Thoughts for Young Men, Ryle begins Part Three which holds General Counsels to Young Men.

The first counsel he gives is for the young men he is addressing to try to get a clear view of the evil of sin.

Ryle then draws the attention of his readers to five thoughts: 1) What the Bible says about sin; 2) What an awful change sin has worked on all our natures; 3) What it has cost to make atonement for sin; 4) What sin has done already upon the earth; and 5) The misery and sorrow that sin has caused, and is causing at this very day.

Ryle exhorts the young men to pray that God would teach them “the real evil of sin”.

Have our hearts grown dull to the destructiveness of sin? Are our children wrestling with their sin and repenting regularly? May we guard our hearts from sin by considering how awful it is and by not forgetting the great price that was paid to free us from it.

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Intro created and performed by Isaac Johnson