Thoughts for Young Men, J.C. Ryle 2.5

In this installment of Thoughts for Young Men, Ryle concludes his thoughts on “Special Dangers to Young Men” by warning against the fear of man’s opinion.

Why do we care what others think about us? When should we care what others think about us? Ryle implores the young men who might listen to him to be free from the bondage of the fear of man. Ryle says, “I want you each to care nothing for man’s opinion, when the path of duty is clear.” How different would our society look today if we who are followers of Christ cared not what others thought when we were convicted about a clear path of duty?

He asks the young men to consider how unreasonable and how thankless the fear of man is.

Ryle’s practical application is rooted in Matthew 10:28 where he challenges us to fear God rather than man.

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