Thoughts for Young Men, J.C. Ryle 2.3

In this installment of Ryle’s Thoughts for Young Men, he continues on with “Special Dangers to Young Men”. Thoughtlessness and inconsideration are in view today.

He opens by saying, “Want of thought is one simple reason why thousands of souls are cast away for ever.” We see this in our day where people busy themselves with the present and think little of their future. We become so self-consumed and inward focused that we don’t take time to think carefully about our souls.

Ryle says young men are especially at risk because they are not concerned with the dangers around them. He says, “Believe me, this world is not a world in which we can do well without thinking, and least of all do well in the matter of our souls.”

We could all benefit from Ryle’s pleading for thoughtfulness. We could all benefit from Ryle’s pleading for consideration of what we’re doing and where we’re going.

We should make time for reflection and we should learn to be still, if only for a few moments.

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Intro created and performed by Isaac Johnson