Thoughts for Young Men, J.C. Ryle, 1.3

In this third installment of Ryle’s Thoughts for Young Men, he addresses the importance of holy habits. In 1.3, Ryle explains, “what young men will be, in all probability depends on what they are now,”

Ryle is speaking in generalities, however, these were his observations and we must agree that generally, someone who is chasing after hell usually finds what they are looking for. We know God can save someone who we’ve written off as being a lost cause but a testimony of God saving someone early in life who was spared from heartache and misery is just as miraculous.

It is so important that we help our children cultivate holy habits so that they will love God and the things of God now. The Gospel is a glorious thing to be cherished by children so share it with them early and often.

Intro created and performed by Isaac Johnson