Reclamation: Worship exists to reclaim a biblical view of worship for the Church.

We’ve made worship a small thing. We’ve relegated it to the first 30 minutes of a church worship service and leave it there until we return the next Sunday…at least in our minds.

We were made to worship. It’s hard-wired in us and we have no problem doing it. In fact, we do it all of the time - even outside the first 30 minutes of the worship service. Here’s the problem, God is the rightful recipient of all of our worship. That’s right, He’s due the remaining 10,050 minutes of our worship each and every week.

This means, we need a new perspective when it comes to how, what, when and Who we worship. That’s what Reclamation: Worship is all about.

Join me as we explore what a life devoted to the worship of God looks like. We’ll do this through interviews of people who will help us think in terms of worship filled lives and through articles which will challenge us to think more deeply about worship.

Soli Deo Gloria!